Jindra Noewi


St. Petersburg, Fl


I was born and raised in Czech Republic, Europe.
I've been drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon.
When I was two and a half years old I got my simple childish drawing published in a magazine for kids. My mom still has the issue.
I began art instructions as a small child. I attended art classes for seven years. Then I continued my education in college for fashion design for four years but I actually never worked in the fashion field since I graduated.
I love to create murals, faux finish and fine art. I have been working as a professional artist for the past six years.
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2013 March, Nude Nite, Tampa FL
2012 October, "PINK", Tampa, FL
2012 August, Art Of Kink, Tampa, FL
2012 June, Erotic Art Festival, Seattle, WA
2012 March, Nude Nite, Tampa FL
2012 February, Dirty Show, Detroit, MI
2011 July, Art Of Kink, Tampa FL
2011 March, Nude Nite Art Show, Tampa, FL
2009 December, "Novalicious Art Show", Nova535 gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2009 June, Fine Art & Music Event "It's Finally Summer", Ybor City, FL
2009 February Art Show Nude Nite, Tampa, FL
2008 1st place in ACEO YBA category "Artistic Nudes" on eBay
2007 The Erotic Collection, St. Petersburg, FL


Sixty Special by Jindra Noewi


Tomatoes on Vine by Jindra Noewi


Mini Desserts by Jindra Noewi


Pickled Okra by Jindra Noewi


YUMMY DONUTS by Jindra Noewi


Golden Goddess by Jindra Noewi


Lovely Memories by Jindra Noewi


Plaster Heart by Jindra Noewi


Soil Heart by Jindra Noewi


Unlock My Heart by Jindra Noewi


Nite Nite Plumeria by Jindra Noewi


Puddle Heart by Jindra Noewi


Hungry by Jindra Noewi